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Live Blogging the All Star...stuff

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 9:47 AM MST ]

I am at the Jam Session Center Court watching the D-League All-Stars practice.

Img_3512_medium Img_3514_medium

I will be interviewing D-League scoring leader (and possible Phx Sun call up) Will Conroy here shortly.

Then the NBA Rookie and Sophomores will be practicing on this court.

Fun stuff ... oh, and I got the password to a super secret special media-only wifi so I can live blog from this part of the building. Thanks Joanna!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 10:27 AM MST ]

Check out Will Conroy interview over at RU

Now watching NBA Sophomores "practice"

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 11:26 AM MST ]

Just finished the media avail w/ the Rookies and Sophs. Talked to Aaron Brooks, Brook Lopez, Al Horford, Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo and Beasley (whose nickname Easy is WELL deserved). Dude was CHILL. By the time I got over to Durant he was

Biggest scrum, by far, was for Rudy. There are a TON of Spanish media here and they really didn't seem to care much about Big Bro Gasol. Rudy is the star and w/ that little smile of his, you can see why.

Lots of audio and photos coming soon.

Oh and sorry Bulls Blogger Matt -- Derrick Rose wasn't here.

Whoa -- some kid in a suit and sneakers just came up and took the label off my DASANI water bottle. He said he worked for a certain flavored water company whose name I won't be publishing.

Oh, and to make the matter a bit more ... interesting, the media guy sitting next to me who leaned over and asked about it turns out to be True Hoop blogger Kevin Arnotz!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 12:51 PM MST ]

Just created a flikr photo stream....

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 1:07 PM MST ]

Here's the audio of the various interviews I either did or recorded being done:

First up - Aaron Brooks of the Houston Rockets. This file is one of the biggest. There's a lot of stuff in here up front with him being interview by a Chinese media outlet. He also talks about Tom Chambers' nasty dunk on Mark Jackson. Well done, son. Well done. Aaron Brooks audio

Here's Al Horford, whom I interviewed about playing with former Sun Joe Johnson and his thoughts on almost coming to the Suns. He described it as "unfortunate" that didn't happen. Eat it, ATL! Al Horford audio

Brook Lopez talked to me about being here in Phoenix with his family and about the difference between his season and that of his brother, Robin. I also asked about the hair difference. Brook Lopez audio

LA Clippers outstanding rookie, Eric Gordon, talked to me about his defense and the areas of his game he wants to improve on. This kid really stood out to me as having a great attitude. Eric Gordon audio

Michael Beasley - The Big Easy - was by far the most chill of all the players. Check him out. Mike Beasley audio

I asked OJ Mayo about ASU's win over UCLA last night and got some insight on James Hardin. OJ Mayo audio

Runner-up for most chill was Kevin Durant. By the time I got over to him he was about done answering questions and frankly I couldn't really think of any for him, so here he is talking to some other media.  Kevin Durant audio

Greg Oden was by far the toughest interview. I had a hard time holding the recorder high enough (he's a soft talker), and then he kind of turned and bumped me and I was pretty damn close to picking myself up off the floor. I didn't have any questions for Greg, either. You can hear him talk about some stuff ... not too sure what. Greg Oden audio

I didn't get anywhere near Rudy Fernandez. The Spanish media had him locked up. But, I can tell you that he exudes Rock Star charm ... he lights up the room!

Headed out now to try and figure out who the Suns coach is today ...

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 6:04 PM MST ]

The Basketball Jones tracked Tony Parker to a Subway and asked him about ... his favorite sandwich, of course.

I will be live blogging the ridiculous D-League skillz competition, which includes the High Flying James White in the Dunk Contest. Hot Shot Blake Ahern in the 3 pter and Horse Champ Lance Allred.

Be sure to follow the live courtside blog over at RU ... I am going to try and get some special guest bloggers.




[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/12/09 6:20 PM MST ]

The NBA, Suns, local big wigs and the Gorilla kicked off the Jam Session with a speech given to about 30 media and 5 fans.

I waited patiently behind national TV, local TV, and foreign press until I managed to ask David Stern the last question of the session (which the PR enforcers assured me had to be ONE question).

I resisted all of your voices in my head telling me to ask about The Suspensions or the impending dismissal of Terry Porter. Instead I asked D. Stern about blogs. His answer:





- Next up was an appearance by CP3 promoting kids health and milk

I found this amusing since my wife, a Naturopathic Physician, insists that cow's milk is basically poison for kids. Good thing she's not here because I would not have wanted to see her attacking the best point guard in the game with her bare hands ...


Img_3501_medium Img_3504_medium

- Signing off now to go see an appearance by Leandro Barbosa and then off to the blogger beerup...


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/13/09 2:21 AM MST ]

Fun first day of Jam Session for sure. A bunch of us local blogger types met up for some beers and a lot of BS and spent some time with SBN CEO Jim Bankoff as well.

Jim didn't let too many of the cats he's got trapped in his sacks loose, but from the screeching I did hear there are some very, very cool things coming in this space.

It is a very exciting time to be part of this organization and to be in on the beginning phases of a real media revolution.

Tomorrow is going to be "jammed" packed, starting with the Rookie/Sophomore teams practicing in the morning, through to the D-league Dream Factory Skills competition late in the evening.

Unfortunately, internet access in the convention center is limited to the main floor and is not available on the lower level where the Jam Session is or the Upper Level at Center Court. That means I won't be able to whip out my laptop and post quite as frequently as I might otherwise, and won't be able to live blog the events.

I can and will, however, twitter updates more frequently, so as the kids say, "Follow me!" @phoenixstan

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