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All-Star Thread - A day of love

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Interview with Danny Granger

Danny Granger was definitely my favorite interview. Partly because the rest of the media were ignoring him, so I got a lot of time, but also because the man is a just a flat out player. The guy oozes basketball.

Danny Granger audio

h/t to Tom at Indy Cornrows for preping me with some great Granger background

Oh, and question I asked Amare was about Kevin Durant beating his record last night.

Amare Stoudemire audio

Interview with Devin Harris

Speaking of Devin Harris. I was able to catch up with him. He was standing still, of course, but still looked fast.  He provided some very candid information about Brook and Robin Lopez. First you will notice when you listen to Devin that he shares our appreciation (or mockeration) for Robin's hair.

He did say that while Brook's offensive game is more developed that he thought, Robin is more athletic and has more "pep in his step and lateral quickness." He also made sure to let us know that Robin is the more dominant personality, while Brook is more laid back. That's news to me. I can tell you without a doubt that you can't tell their voices apart unless you have hair to be your guide.

I also HAD to take the chance to ask Devin about his summer YouTube starring encounter in England. He was a great sport about it and admitted that he was hustled. He didn't sound thrilled, but is going to roll with the 7 million YouTube hits.

Devin has a ton of personality and seemed to be having a great time in Phoenix.

Devin Harris audio

ASG Practice Photo's

Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 6:15 PM MST ]

Back home winding down for the day and up for the evening. I have a TON more stuff to write, edit, post, etc., including a brief interview with Steve Kerr after (and about) Courtney Sims winning the co-MVP behind a strong all-around performance that included rebounding, 4 blocks, great defense, and a three pointer.

Will work on all that late tonight. Late.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 1:55 PM MST ]

Head over to Ridiculous Upside for live blogging of the D-League All-Star game. If not, AT LEAST watch or Tivo the game on NBATV.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 1:07 PM MST ]

Pau Gasol called Rudy Fernandez's chances in the dunk contest "slim". He claimed not to mind having Rudy take over his spotlight in the eyes of the Spanish media. His English said that, but his Spanish eyes told me a different story with their tears. No, not really. I have no idea what he thinks. Listen yourself. I record. You decide.

Pau Gasol audio


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 12:45 PM MST ]

Devin Harris sets a Genius Record with 3.9 sec baseline to baseline dribble. I got captured it on video. Get ready to watch really fast ...


Devin Harris dribble from Phoenix Stan on Vimeo.


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 11:29 AM MST ]

Just finished media avail w/ NBA All-Stars. Shaq was mobbed and his voice is gone, so I didn't get anything from him. I asked Amare about ... damn, now I don't remember ... but I asked him if he was tired of being asked about trades. He said yes and was happy I didn't ask him about trades.

Got some good stuff from Devin Harris and Danny Granger. Asked Pau about Rudy. Asked Dirk about Germany (he's from a town that I was stationed close to when I was there in the Army about 20 years ago). Asked Joe Johnson about Sarver. Asked Jameer Nelson about his shoulder and his play. Almost got my teeth knocked out by an accidental Dwight Howard elbow (which was teeth-height to me). Asked Deron Williams something very generic. Didn't see Kobe or B Roy. AI was chillin'. King James was totally mobbed. Duncan and Yao left early. Asked D Wade which was better, South Beach or Scottsdale. South Beach. D Howard talked w/ about googling Kobe Beef and seeing a picture of Kobe Bryant. I assume he was kidding, but his face didn't show it. Asked Chris Bosh about the trade, but my question came in under the buzzer, so he didn't answer. Oh, and I asked Mo Will if his career numbers against the Suns was a message. Yes. It was.

Eastern Squad All-Star practice going on now. Coach Brown talking about shakes and floppy and pop. Real basic sets. Basic 2-man pick-and-roll. Post sets. Coach Brown is working the crowd well.

Guess which guys are paying attention more than others.  AI or Granger? Mo Will or LeBron?

Here's the pics (no titles, but they are pretty obvious) ... audio later. Probably much later in the day, after the D-League All-Star game.



[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/14/09 8:34 AM MST ]

Good morning, folks. I hope you all are as lucky as I am in the Valentine department. My sweet, understanding wife has been such a sport about me working all weekend and "missing" the big V-day. Shout out to Mrs. Stan. And because I can, here's little daughter Stan (who, fortunately for her sake, was named in a more proper way by her mother), in her pretty red dress w/ the hearts ... Cute, huh? I know.


I am headed back downtown for the morning practice session with the NBA's finest. Hopefully, if it goes like yesterday, I will get in the media avail and get some good quotes. If you have any specific questions you would like me to ask, e-mail or DM me on twitter. Please don't bother with silly ones like, "Ask Tony Parker how he scored such a hot wife."

After that, I will be focused on the D-League All-Star game at 2pm. If you are not planning on watching that on NBA TV, shame on you. I explained in this piece over at RU why the D-League is SO AWESOME and is really deserving of more attention from people that call themselves sports fans.

Later, tater.

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