Parsing the Words; Should the Suns Pick up Nash's Option Next Year?

As a cold-hearted lawyer who picks on small inconsistencies and words and twists to my own financial benefit, I could have a field day with what's been coming out of the mouths of the Suns' brass and the players.

In case you missed them, this article, this article, this blog and this site.  I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff out there, too, but these bites are more than enough.  A couple days ago on the radio, Gambo said that Amare is trouble in the locker and is going to get moved.  Amare, for his part, is confusing.  Perhaps he is confused ...

He gets a lot of mixed messages, and he sends them out.  A few months ago, when asked about the summer of 2010, he said he'd "explore all options" and "do what is best for his situation."  He tempered that be saying he loved the Suns, loved Phoenix, loved his situation, etc., but he never said Phoenix was his number one priority.

Now, he's saying he wants to stay long-term, he wants to be a building block of a championship.  He is -- understandably so -- confused as to why someone who has done so much for the community and kept himself clean and been such a basketball force can even be considered a movable part.

He's not perfect, but he is a good example.  He is a true American Success Story.  Colangelo used to move great players because of character problems.  Now, a great role model is being moved for money?

I won't repeat my earlier postings, but Sarver has a right (and, possibly, a duty) to cut costs on a failing team.  But Amare would significantly improve at least 25 other teams in the league.  Tim Duncan and Joe Johnson think so.

At the same time that Amare claims to want to be here, he is implicating his teammates.  For example, his notorious "team captains" quote last week.  This week, he says that he's "done everything right" and hasn't "been getting DUIs."

The one most confusing is his comment that he's not sure if the team's still committed to winning a championship or throwing away this year.  Can't the Suns throw away this year and be committed to winning a championship down the road?

I think he makes a point without knowing it.  If this year is a goner, what is the best way to make a run for a championship soon?  Building around draft picks and expiring contracts?  Or, building around a guy with career averages of 21 and 8 who is entering his prime?  Forget the fact that he's never going to be a guy like MJ, KG or TD.  After that, he's pretty high on the list.

I've mentioned doing the unthinkable.  TEXSun has posted as to why it's the only fair thing to do.  Shaq is not going anywhere.  If Kerr could move him, Stan would have to add 20 genius points (1 point for every $1M).  Amare should not be moved, unless there is a blockbuster in return.  The Suns can cut salary by moving Nash.  The Suns also have a team option on Nash next year for $13M.  Save some space and let him roam free in New York.  Pair him up with LeBron after 2010.  The Knicks and D'Antoni would average about 125 a game.

If the Suns can't trade him, or set up some sort of sign-and-trade after the season ends (which would not negatively impact season ticket sales as much as moving him next Thursday), then just let him out of his contract.