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Mo Williams uses Suns to make an All-Star statement

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It's been a busy few days around Phoenix with the All-Star game, coaching and trade drama, and dunk contest, but look back with me for a moment to the Suns' last game against Cleveland and the career-high 44 points from Mo Williams.

Before this game, Mo was named as a replacement to the Eastern Conference All-Star team for an injured Chris Bosh -- a nod his coach felt he deserved all along.


When I saw Mo on Saturday in Phoenix, I asked him if he was trying to make a statement with his performance against the Suns. "Yeah. Yeah I was."

Mo Williams has played well this season and is deserving of an opportunity to play tonight, but this certainly wasn't something he expected at the beginning of the season. "It wasn't a goal. It was something that just happened from playing extremely well and winning basketball games."

No doubt Mo will look to make another statement tonight at the All-Star game, showing that he deserves to be here in Phoenix.

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