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Shaq, How Does Kobe's Ass Taste? The Zen-Master Strikes Again

Does anyone remember the Van Halen "reunion" on the MTV Music Awards in 1996?

It was after Sammy Hagar left and there were some rumors about David Lee Roth rejoining the band.  You know, David Lee Roth of Vegas showtunes fame.

I couldn't find the ludicrous presentation he made with the band.  I could find Eddie's and Alex's reactions with the stupidity of the presentation interspersed, though.  Video below ...

Did anyone see the post-game interview?  Shaq said it was nice and kind of like "old times."  Kobe responded with, "Well, we're not going back to the room to watch Steel Magnolias."

Kobe was talking to Shaq like Eddie was calling out Diamond Dave: "Look, it's nice we can get along and hang out for old time's sake, but that's about it."

I liked the dancing.  I liked Shaq going 5-hole on Howard.  But, the patronizing from Shaq and from the Leauge was intolerable.

Also, am I being too much of a homer or did Phil Jackson purposefully remove Amare in the second half?  By my memory, he played about the first six minutes and the last 2.  Look at the stats -- if Amare gets as many minutes as Kobe, Amare gets as many points as Kobe on about half the shots.  I'm probably over-reacting to the possibility that this was Amare's last game as a Sun in our arena.  Still, though ...

It sure seems that Shaq has cost this team quite a bit.  But, you know what?  At least he's happy.  And if Amare stays ... don't you think he's going to harbor some ill will toward Shaq over this?  Zen-master!

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