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Nash and Amare - Coach Killers

For those who've been wanting the go back to the Steve Nash running ways, it looks like you are going to get your wish.The hummingbird (with spine issues and a weak shoulder) is being released from the plastic baggie. What happens now when team becomes Nash dependent and Nash can't play at his top level? Haven't seen that movie before? Who's our backup PG for that PG-dependent system again?

I have to say for the record that I agreed with what Porter tried to do. The old Suns style Gentry talks about will win games but the team's failure to adjust to a slower possession game with better defense falls on the players.

I don't believe that these players couldn't play that way. I believe they didn't want to play that way and their resistance caused turmoil and lost games.

I don't think it is too much of a stretch to call Nash and Amare "coach killers."

Alvin Gentry / Steve Kerr Press Conference

I caught the press conference on the radio and my fast fingers did the rest ...

Press conference notes:

Gentry - Bittersweet taking over this way.

Get back to break-neck pace -- Detroit game was the blueprint. Inside game and also run. Go back to establish what this team is. This is a unique team

Kerr - a lot of frustration with a lot of great teams that have come close. We've been ambitious trying to improve. Terry is not at fault for all the different dynamics. I am accountable for the decision to bring Terry in. He could have been the right guy. I underestimated the difficulty of the transition

Haven't developed consistency all year. No more than 3 wins in a row. Haven't put it together. No one game was the key. Assess constantly -- in the last month became apparent this wasn't working. To have best season possible, this move was necessary.

Gentry - From a consistency standpoint. Terry worked hard at it. This is really difficult team to step in and coach. A unique team. People underestimate how difficult it is to coach a team like this. I think Terry worked hard to do all those things. I've been fired three times. It's part of the business. It's no fun.

Nash is the motor behind the car. Give him every opportunity to be successful at what he does. We have to open lanes more for him. Bigs have to screen on the ball more. We have to get out and be consistent. Ultimately that comes down to the players, also.

We never got to a point where we were beating the sub .500 teams like we should. That falls on the whole coaching staff and also the players. You can't judge Terry by this situation. This is a very unique team with Steve Nash being part of the top scoring teams for the last seven years.

Kerr - No changes regarding trades. Looking forward. Making best decisions ... so much speculation. This is just business as usual. You look out there and make decisions. We listen about everybody. That's business as usual.

We are in the midst of sorting through the issues (Richardson's arrest) and will comment on that later.

Gentry - We need to develop consistency. Players and coaches have to own that. We are talented enough to be better than this. I think we can be successful.

Kerr - Very difficult to make this decision this fast. Talked about playing up-tempo and improving defense. We have our sights set high. If I am guilty of setting sights too high, so be it. A lot of factors -- the most difficult job in the league that Terry stepped into.

I feel for Terry and his family. So much speculation with all the media here. We didn't make a decision until yesterday. Because of the speculation, it was unfair to Terry. Unfortunately, that's the way it works these days.

This team has a chance to be really good. We have a chance to have a very successful season.

Always have to have the long-term success of the franchise in mind. We have an aging team and some younger assets. My job is to sustain success. You analyze the team. You take phone calls.

Gentry - I have not spoken to the team yet. Not a whole lot to be said. We are who we are. We have to play together and enjoy playing. This is the last team meeting I will have. I don't know what else there is to say. We have a veteran team of mature guys. They know what it takes to win games.







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