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Jason Richardson suspended 1 game, apologizes

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Jason Richardson, fresh off his arrest for going 90 in a 35 with his three-year-old son wandering around the car unsecured was suspended by the Phoenix Suns for one game.


Jason had this to say after practice:

JRich apologizes #2

If this sounds at all familiar to you, it might be because he apologized in a similar way just 6 weeks ago after his DUI:

JRich apologizes #1

The quick action by the Suns to suspend Richardson is good to see. I am not sure one game is enough though and I think we all know that if this was still Jerry Colangelo's team that the trade rumors would have shifted today from Amare to JRich.

I was fairly nonplussed by the first incident. As a father of young children, I simply find this unacceptable. Call me a hypocrite for reacting more strongly to this than to a DUI, but it is what it is.

We certainly need to revisit the Shuttle-a-Sun program proposed on this site last month.

Audio provided by our friends over at Sports 620 KTAR