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Pregame podcast #17 - Alvin and the Clipmunks

After an extended hiatus caused by the celestial astrophysics not providing enough time in my day, the Pregame Podcast returns with a BIG BANG.

Clipper Steve from Clips Nation just happens to be the perfect guy to discuss not only the upcoming back-to-back set with the Clippers, but all of the other Suns-related drama.

If there's anyone that knows a thing or two about NBA drama, it's Clipper Steve.

We discussed the following (and of course wandered a bit into a few other topics):

  • Alvin Gentry and his time coaching the Clippers
  • Eric Gordon and what a special young player he is
  • Trades, trades, and more trades
  • The upcoming Suns/Clippers games

As always, it was a great pleasure talking to Steve, who is one of the most knowledgeable and best bloggers anywhere.

You might also notice better quality audio on this one. I've upgraded the technology used from recording from digital recorder next to a speaker phone to recorded conference call using free conference call dot com.

And don't miss the special introduction from David Stern with a warning for all us bloggers ...

Click the big play button to listen to the podcast.


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