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Suns trade rumors - Don't go to sleep yet

Yesterday, I wrote this regarding the Suns trade situation:

  • I am thinking now that with Porter gone Gentry will push for Amare to stay. If the best deal they could get was from Chicago it seems more likely that Amare will stay...for now.
  • But remember this - there is NO WAY the Suns start next season with Amare, Shaq, Nash, Richardson and Barbosa under contract. The will need to cut several million to get under the cap. Somebody has to get voted off the island. Maybe Richardson in light of today's events will be that man.

Nothing really has changed today except, as Clipper Steve reminded me, only Memphis is under the salary cap and therefore able to do a deal with the Suns now for just picks, thereby saving the Suns significant money immediately.

I understand the Suns are looking for first round picks for Barbosa and would even be ok with it if they also got Kyle Lowry.

Moving Barbosa for second-round picks and no one to back up Nash would be a travesty and capitulation of this season, because it would force Dragic into the back-up PG role which he is clearly not ready for.

I do have sympathy for Sarver wanting to not pay luxury tax on team performing the way the Suns have, but there are decent ways to save money and there are ways that are just destructive to player and fan morale.

Speaking of salary dump, you only have to look at what New Orleans did today and what the Bucks are rumored to be doing with Richard Jefferson to know that the Suns aren't the only organization looking to save $ right now.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/17/09 4:10 PM MST ] 

In a bit of a rush, but I wanted to share the audio from today's team shoot around just in from Sports 620 KTAR

Suns shoot Around

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/17/09 5:45 PM MST ]

Speaking of the Suns pace - check this analysis out over at Who knew they did such things!

Games Rec. Pace Off. Rat. Def. Rat.
Gms. 1-12 8-4 90.1 110.6 107.5
Gms. 13-24 6-6 91.8 113.1 116.0
Gms. 25-36 8-4 93.8 115.5 109.6
Gms. 37-51 6-9 95.1 109.3 110.7
Season 28-23 92.9 112.0 110.9
2007-08 55-27 95.1 115.2 109.9

The Suns' pace has been increasing all season, and over the last 15 games, they've played at the same pace (95.1 possessions per 48 min.) as last season. So, I'm not sure what Alvin Gentry is going to change.

h/t to Brandon of Baller Blogger for pointing this out


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