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Good times! Suns punish Clips for own demons



Wow. Auspicious start for Alvin Gentry.  58 to 21 rebound advantage. Dudley for 24 minutes? Goran Dragic for 23 minutes and it was actually okay and not severely stinky!  140-100? 90 shots, plus 32 free throws?  Welcome to Apocalypse Now Redux. It's the end of the world as we know it, (and we feel fine).

POG: Louis Amundson, for frustrating Zach Randolph enough to draw a punch and an ejection.  That's a star role player!

Don't kid yourself tho - rough waters ahead. We blew teams out ridiculous before rolling over on those very same teams. The coaching change buzz will only last so long before the cold reality seeps in.

Post game audio - Suns vs Clippers - Courtesy of Sports 620 KTAR

Listen to Randolf claim Lou tried to kiss him and then hear Lou's side of the story...


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