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The deal less traveled - Sarver checks in

After weeks of intense speculation, name calling, fruit throwing and trade machining, the deadline has come and past for the Phoenix Suns with no deals done.

  • Amare isn't going to the Bulls for Tyrus Thomas and some other "stuff"
  • JRich and his arrest record isn't going to the Cavs for Wally World
  • The Big Shaqtus isn't going to become the The Big Cleveland Rockus
  • Barbosa wasn't sacrificed on the altar of payroll cuts

How are you feeling about it all? Disappointed in the deal not made? Happy with standing pat, with our new team averaging 141 points per game?

Sports KTAR Radio reporting that the Shaq deal to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and a 1st round pick but decided not to do the deal...Sarver himself rejected the deal.

Listen to the interview here:


  • Sarver on the radio saying they will figure out the money next year...
  • Sarver excited about last two games and about Shaq fitting into the new style...likes the guys
  • Sarver stressing that he passed up opportunities to save money while other teams did things to cut payroll. "I am in this business to win." Even if they were mistakes like Banks instead of Rondo it was a basketball decision and not a dollar decision
  • Deals might happen this summer - depends on what happens w/ team, ticket sales, the economy, etc
  • Emotionally it is a very up and down business (that's part of the problem right there)
  • Per Sarver - we weren't that close to trading Amare. We get calls about a lot of our players
  • 90% of what's in the paper is nonsense (which means about 99% of what's here is)
  • Sunday is an opportunity to make a statement against Boston

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/19/09 2:50 PM MST ]

I've given up keeping track of all the last minute deals. Check out the expert(s) over at BDL if you care what happened with the big Will Solomon - Patrick O'Bryant trade.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/20/09 3:44 PM MST ]

A little late - but Kerr gets a Genius Point for not making a trade. It seems pretty clear there were no good offers on the table and so standing pat was the right move. The polling agrees by like 90:1.

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