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Suns tired of talking, except Matt Barnes who wants more minutes

After the Suns loss to the Bulls on Friday Steve Kerr, Robert Sarver and Terry Porter met behind closed doors with Nash and Hill for 45 minutes.

On Sunday the team had an unscheduled practiced in what Shaq described as "being on punishment". The rest of the team had a chance to have their say with Grant doing most of the talking. After talking to eachother they talked to the media about being tired of talking.

You can listen to Matt Barnes talk about having talked more then at any point in his career and how talk is cheap and they need to just go out and do it and then proceed to talk about being frustrated by not being able to get 20 minutes on the court. Nice. I wonder if Matt thinks that "going out and doing it" doesn't apply to him.

Barnes shot 34% from the field and 26% from three in January and his rebounding and defense have declined as well. I wonder if jacking up brick after brick has any connection to playing time? Let's talk about that or maybe we should just get another tattoo to remind everyone how great you are playing.

Shaq for his part seemed to accept that when you don't win you don't deserve to fly out for the Super Bowl.

According to Sports 620 KTAR reporting, he had planned to fly trainer Aaron Nelson and his staff (assistant trainer Mike Elliott, strength and conditioning coach Erik Phillips along with equipment manager Jay Gaspar) to Tampa for Super Bowl 43 and put them up in his house. Nelson is a big Steelers fan.  Elliott, Phillips and Gaspar are Cardinals fans.

O'Neal, who was going to join them on the trip, said "that was my gift to (them)."

In other new from the Karma front, Andrew Bynum just days after destroying Gerald Wallace's lung and the Bobcats playoff hopes, tore his MCL and is out for 8 to 12 weeks.

Good thing the Suns are right there in 2nd place in the Pacific Division and poised to make up the 12 game deficit.


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