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Amare Stoudemire out 8 weeks!


Holy cow this snuck up on me. I heard a rumor of an eye injury yesterday but now we learn that he had to have surgery for a detached retina last night:

Phoenix Suns forward Amar’e Stoudemire underwent successful surgery today to repair a partially detached retina in his right eye. The procedure was performed earlier this morning by Dr. Pravin Dugel at Spectra Eye Institute in Sun City, Arizona.

"We are very glad to hear that Amar’e should have a 100 percent recovery relative to his vision and his long-term prognosis is excellent," said Suns President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Steve Kerr. "Obviously, it is very disappointing to lose him at this time. We are all very excited about the progress the team is making, but Amar’e’s health and the health of all our players is our number one concern."

Stoudemire’s return to physical activity is estimated at eight weeks depending upon his healing process. Dr. Dugel stresses that recovery varies on a case-by-case basis.

I recall him getting hit in the eye against the Clippers (by Al Thorton I believe) but he finished the game. This is the same right eye that suffered a torn iris during training camp.

This image was just sent to me from Suns fans and Bright Side reader Stuck in LA who was at the game in LA and took this picture:


Stay tuned. More to come on this one but it certainly seems that the Suns will now have to sign and play Courtney Sims. It will also be very interesting to see if Gentry reacts by slowing things back down now that he's down to one all-star big man.

I hate to see any player injured and I certainly hope Amare recovers quickly and fully.

But here's the silver lining. The Bright Side. We are going to learn a lot about Amare by having him out.

Recall that there was talk from the Suns front office about moving Amare as an "addition by subtraction" thing. Without him we will see just want that looks like which is going to help the team make a big decision next summer when it comes time to either trade or extend Amare.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/20/09 10:53 AM MST ]

Here's an interesting side note. The injury happened on Wednesday evening. The trade deadline was Thursday. The Suns obviously knew about the injury

I wonder how or if this played in to not trading Shaq?




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