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Daily Poll - Sustainable Pace or Fool's Gold?

The Suns have busted out of the gates after being "freed" from the apparent oppression that was Coach Porter.

Shaq has been successful at this pace. LB and JRich were awesome. Dudley and Barnes are playing well. Even poor Goran Dragic is getting some love from the fans and is working to shake the "Tragic" nickname he was given.

The ball is moving. Feet are moving. Joy, smiles and happy faces grace the bench again.

Freedom and hope have returned to Planet Orange.

I insist, however, on being the wet blanket at this party and remain a skeptic. These three games (against two 13-win teams) were impressive. The schedule now gets serious again with Boston, Charlotte and the Lakers twice in the next five games. Then we will know more about what this Suns v. 4.0 2008/09 team is all about.

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