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Grant Hill's foot problem

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Those have to be some of the scarier four words in the basketball world. Unfortunately, we might be hearing a lot more of them soon as Paul Coro is reporting that Hill has been suffering with a "neuroma" in his left foot. This report makes it sound minor:

the Suns are not overly concerned about the neuroma that is near the ball of Grant Hill's left foot. It does explain the scoreless effort in Los Angeles on Wednesday, when the pain began to bother him. It's been described as nerves bundling and that there are a couple different ways to eradicate the problem. The team will have a light workout today and Hill, the team's new power forward and ironman, is expected to be able to play Sunday against Boston.

I asked my wife, Mrs. Dr. Stan about it and she described a neuroma as more of a cyst or benign tumor that often needs to be removed surgically. It can be quite painful.

Neuroma_mediumAccording to that online source of all things feet - - treatments range from padding and icing to surgery.

Here's to hoping "foot surgery" and "Grant Hill" are never uttered in the same sentence again.