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Pregame podcast #18 - A Karmic Reaction

Steve from the great Clippers Celtics Blog joined me today for a look at two teams with two injured star power forwards.


We explore the burning question on everyone's mind: Were the injuries to Kevin and Amare a karmic reaction to their on the court antics?

  • Also discussed was the Celtic's game plan for slowing down the Suns
  • A look into Robert Sarver and Steve Kerr in response to Celtic's blog naming Kerr worst executive of the year
  • A discussion of the emotional roller coaster that is the Phoenix Suns
  • And our predictions for Sunday's game

On a completely unrelated topic - if you aren't clear yet that Gentry intends to go back to the 05-06 pace you might want to have your eye's checked. If you need help with that visit Dr. J.E. Skeets' Internet Eye Chart.

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