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Raja Bell returns to the scene of the whine

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Raja Bell's return to Phoenix marks an opportunity for him to explore in his typically candid way the circumstances around his leaving the Suns. Bell_400_070320_medium

He talked at great length both after practice and in a radio interview about how he felt regarding Terry Porter's system. You should listen for yourself, but something that really stood out for me was when he talked about giving it some time and how it "became evident the more we played" that "I didn't believe it put us in the best position to win".

I want to take you back to early in the season when this first came up. It was November 11th when Raja told Jerry Brown, formerly of the East Valley Tribune this:

"Honestly, we are a running team. That’s what we’re built to do," Bell said. "You can see we are confused about what we’re doing offensively, whether we want to run it or try to slow it down. And when there is uncertainty, there are turnovers."


Just a few days later I wrote about Raja on this site as well citing another quote that Paul Coro had in the Arizona Republic in an article that looking back on it really got the jist of this entire season right from jump street.

The Suns big men are lobbying for one style. Center Shaquille O'Neal maintains that championships are won from the inside out and would not mind getting about 15 shots every game.

The Suns perimeter players are lobbying for another style. Shooting guard Raja Bell, who was scoreless Wednesday, says the Suns are built to be a running team and are playing with uncertainty.

You can argue that Raja was right. That the team was built to run and that Porter and his system were doomed to failure. I don't agree but that really isn't the point.

I find it inconceivable that Raja would be so public about his feelings, let alone even be so set in his ways, so early in the season.

On November 11th when we first heard from Raja the Suns had played 8 games and won 6 of them. They lost to the Rockets the very next game on the 12th in a game that left a bitter taste and resulted in some suspensions.

Raja went 0-6 with no points in that game by the way.

Listen to Raja's interview and just think about how 6-2 wasn't enough to keep him happy and having fun or how going 0-6 should be blamed on the system and the coach.

Raja Bell - post practice interview

Raja Bell - Gambo and Ash radio interview

Boris Diaw meanwhile answered 10 questions, talked for 3 minutes and managed not to say much at all...

Boris Diaw - post practice


Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR


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