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Daily Poll - Who's the oldest Center in the West?

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In the Western Conference, we have a tale of two powerful big men.

One is a rookie (technically) and the other is in the twilight of his career. One just turned 21 and can legally drink (but hasn't been carded in years) and the other carries a badge.

One of these Centers entered the season with all expectations of winning awards and playing big minutes. The other was felt to be over the hill and broke down.

Now we learn that not only is the rookie out yet again, but perhaps isn't even all that interested in his chosen profession to begin with.

On the other hand, we have the aging, aching vet not only being selected to the All-Star game, and not only winning the co-MVP of the All-Star game, but helping NBA appeal to the youth demographic. So tell me this...

they both dance...


but who's the old man?