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Shaq, beating Kings is like beating an old man

You've got to love Shaq. Or hate him. There's not a lot of middle ground there. I was definitely in the hate column until I started paying close attention.

Shaq is going to say some crazy stuff and just like Charles Barkley will piss some people off when he does. A lot of what he says is purely for his own ammusement. When throws something nutty out there about going back to LA or playing for 4 more years just to stir the pot and see all of us scramble around like chickens.

Here's this guy who's every word is analyzed and picked apart and instead of going to cliche mode he's decided to turn that around on us and just have fun.

That leaves pretty much anything he says suspect and not necessarily aligned with reality. It's not that he's lying or misleading as much as teasing. Shaq loves to have fun and sending the masses into a tizzy is one way he gets his joke on.

Shame on us if we can't take the joke.

Today, Shaq was not in a joking mood.

The Suns held a light practice in which the vets shot 50 free throws and the young'uns (Lou Amundson, Goran Dragic, Jared Dudley, Robin Lopez, and Alando Tucker) got in some extra work.

After practice Shaq expressed little pleasure in beating the "old men" Kings and showed again just how serious he is about winning.

Here's the audio as provided by Sports 620 KTAR.

Matt Barnes said some stuff too but I think at this point it missed the rim entirely.


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