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Open Game Day Thread - Suns vs Warriors

2008/2009 NBA Regular Season



February 4th, 2009, 8:30 PM MST / 10:30 PM EST
My 45 HD, 620 KTAR
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG M.Ellis
Jason Richardson SG J.Crawford
Grant Hill SF K.Azubuike
Amare Stoudemire PF S.Jackson
Shaquille O'Neal C A.Biedrins
Official Suns Game Notes

Hey, here's a thought. Let's play a basketball game to distract us from all the trade talk, rumors and general merriment that seems to be the name of the day on Planet Orange Blue.

And if you are looking for fun, you have no further to go then the East Bay - Home of the Golden State Nellie's. A team its fans describe this way - We Suck.

It will certainly shock you to see that the Warrior roll out a very small line up and will look to run the ball down our throats. The flip side of course is that Amare and Shaq should (should) totally dominate the paint but we've been on the other side of this fast versus slow debate and we've seen it come out both ways.

The biggest news in Oak-town has to be the return of Monta Ellis from his horrendious scooter injury. He's played in 6 games this year and by the looks of things hasn't returned to form. Good news for him, he'll be matched up with Steve Nash who he's abused in the past.

Scooter and Crawford certainly make for an explosive backcourt and if Ellis wasn't still riding on training wheels I might be a bit more concerned.

S Jax is always a threat and played very well against the Spurs Monday taking them to OT. Amare is going to have to remember to pick him up at the three point line and not run straight into the paint on transition.

The Suns still insists they want to run first and then go to Shaq as the second option. Steve Kerr said that again today on his weekly radio appearance. He also said the Suns weren't going to "blow the whole thing up and start over " but that they "may make a move".

You think? At this point that train has left the station. It's only a matter of time now...

Meanwhile, there's a game to be played and the boys over at Golden State of Mind might not be excited about their team's prospects they at least are very jazzed to see JRich and Barnes return to the Roaracle (perhaps they would take Barnes back in return for say...CJ Watson?)

This just in! KD called this the Game to Pay Attention to.

What do you say we show them how the New Suns rock the lock down D and keep the score under a 100....

nah, screw that! Let's bench Shaq and show them how a running team runs and run the crap out of the running game!

What's that? Terry Porter's head would explode first?

I guess we will have our cake and eat a twinkie for breakfast too.

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