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Suns continue to struggle. Time for another meeting

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The Warriors came out on fire hitting everything they threw up at the rim. It didn't hurt that they were all wide open shots. Let's look at one example. The very first Warriors shot of the game:

Img_3465_medium Img_3466_medium


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It doesn't look to bad there in the last picture. Amare gets screened by Biedrins except Amare was faced up with Kelena and Amare CHOOSE to go under the screen. He took himself out of the play instead of simply staying with his man. Watch the video here.

To be fair, Nash played like crap too. He had two turnovers in the first couple of minutes (here and here) and was a -14 in 31 minutes compared to Hill (+3 in 31min) and Barbosa (-3 in 27min).

Nash and Amare had 9 of the team's 13 turnovers. There's really no better stat to reflect the lack of chemistry and focus by those two. Time for another team meeting.

Speaking of crap, classy move by Matt Barnes late in a blow out game to commit a flagrant foul on Turiaf. I guess shooting 2-10 (again) will do that. Nice Matt. Real nice.

The Warriors took advantage of the Suns failure to compete defensively which forced a lot of help and left wide open passing lanes and easy looks. The Warriors had 17 assists, 4 turnovers and were 9-14 from behind the arc in the 1st half.

Shaq said it best the other day. M - A - N Mother F-king U - P

So while the Suns were playing isolation basketball and not working together on either end, the Warriors were looking like the Globe Trotters with crisp snappy passes and something they call team work. Look it up, because we haven't seen it for several weeks in Phoenix.

Congrats to Stephen Jackson for his first career triple double. Hard to believe this guy's not done that before. I love his game. A Tru Warrior.

The good news for Suns fans is that if any team can blow you out one night and get blown out by you the next it's the Warriors. See ya Friday G Dubs.

Oh, and our scrubs outscored theirs by 9 in the 4th quarter. Rookie Dragic even looked decent on both ends as did Lopez. Way to go rooks. You are the future and the future looks....pale and fuzzy. hasn't posted the game quotes yet, but I guess they will go something like this:

Porter: "We just didn't execute defensively. We need to try harder."

Nash: "I don't know what's going on. We need to find our balance and spirit"

Amare: "We needed to bottle up that last game but the bottle broke."

Shaq: "#$%$^ ing bleep @#$! crappy damn sorry !$% mother @#$^%^ers!"

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