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Amare wants to give YOU the Keys to the City

We have a winner!

Here's what I came up with. You all can check this and let me know if you disagree w/ the ranking.

Winner: by ArizonaCactus

pts 18 rebound 7s to 5 pf 4 Suns 83 Det 95

Runner up:  by Grockcubs

18pts, 6 rebounds, 3 TO., 4 PF. Detriot 107 Suns 98

3rd: by iamtrevorpaxton

Pts19, Reb 8, TO 4, PF 3 (Suns 108, Detroit 94)

4th: by STUCK IN LA

Pts 17, Reb 6, TO 5, PF 4 (Sun 102-Det 99)

#1 and #2 are very close. Both got the points right and while AZ Cactus only missed 1 TO. Grockcubs missed 1 rebound and 1 PF but was almost dead on w/ the score.

BUT the contest said the score was the tie breaker so AZ Cactus wins.




Amare Stoudemire may be on the trading block. His head might even be on the chopping block. But that's not going to get in the way of a huge party!

As part of the All-Star festivities, Amare is throwing a giant bash. A series of bashes actually starting on Thursday and running through Sunday.

in an exclusive Bright Side of the Sun offer...


to this...


Of course if this isn't your speed you can also attend this very cool charity event in Phoenix on Thursday the 12th. I will likely attend this:

Phoenix US Twestival 2009




So take a break from plotting Amare's future and win a chance to knock back a few with THE MAN himself.

Feel free to give him pointers on the proper box out techniques you learned in Jr High.

  • To win you need to be 21 years of age and
  • a Phoenix Resident.

To enter here's all you need to do.

Guess Amare's point, rebound, turnover and personal foul totals for the Suns game on Sunday in Detroit and the final score as a tie breaker*

Leave your entries in the comments below. Something like this:

Pts 37, Reb 17, TO 2, PF 3 (Sun 112 - Det 72)

*If by chance Amare isn't with the Suns on Sunday in Detroit (perhaps busy packing his bags) or doesn't play on Sunday for any other reason then we will come up with some other way to give away this prize (that might involve you, a few gallons of paint and my house).



Hypocalypto Entertainment is an entertainment conglomerate owned by Amar'e Stoudemire.



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