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Amare Trade Rumor Open Thread

The hot (only) topic these days is if where Amare is going.

Here's a quick recap of the rumors I've heard, read (or started):

  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/11/09 9:44 AM MST ]
  • Sporting News reports that the Blazers have offered Bayless, Aldridge and the LaFrenz super expiring contract for Amare. (This is probably the best deal I've seen yet but I also still believe that this is being floated by the Suns to drive up the demand and price from other teams. I just don't see the Blzrs doing this and ths rumor doesn't jive w/ what my peeps in Portland are hearing either)
  • Newsday is reporting that Donnie Walsh called the Suns about Amare but that a deal with New York won't be happening. No reason given why.
  • Yahoo!'s Woj has this disturbing report about Sarver undermining Kerr's efforts to get the best deal possible. 
  • Suns offered Amare to Miami for Marion and Beasely. Miami rejected this
  • Amare to Atlanta for Josh Smith and Marvin Williams
  • Amare to Portland for Aldridge and Raef LaFrenz' corpse expiring contract (I don't believe this was anything more then a ruse by the Suns leaked to generate demand and increase urgency)
  • Amare to Detroit for Rasheed Wallace
  • Amare to Memphis for Gay, Warrick and Conley
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/06/09 12:33 PM MST ]
  • KTAR has heard a lot of rumors including Amare to OKC for Durant and Wilcox (those numbers don't work btw but this does)
  • Amare and Kerr talked today after shoot around acknowledging a trade is possible (audio coming soon around that)
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/07/09 8:45 AM MST ]
  • Chad Ford reporting Suns want to dump $40m in salary by deadline which means Amare AND Shaq
  • ESPN also reporting "that the Bulls, Heat, Pistons and Trail Blazers are among the many teams with whom Phoenix has exchanged trade concepts, with the Bulls and Heat believed to be pursuing Stoudemire hardest at this early stage"
  • gets in depth with Nash and discusses the teams financial situation: "We've made the effort to really make a run with this team and make a push," Kerr said. "We did mortgage our future a little bit to do it."
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/07/09 10:46 PM MST ]
  • From Yahoo's BDL Skeets via twitter: Amare to Nets for Yi and Ryan Anderson and a 2010 1st rd pick.
  • The Net rumor seems to have come from I am skeptical of sources like this. A team like the Nets only benefits from floating its name in the Amare sweepstakes. I don't doubt they've talked but nothing here makes me think this is anymore "real" then anything else.
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/08/09 1:04 PM MST ]
  • That paragon of journalism that NY Daily News is reporting spreading starting a rumor of a Raptors - Pistons - Suns 3 -way. No real details other then Amare to Toronto, Bosh to Detroit (?) and Prince to Phx. This works if you throw in Walter Hermann to Phx.
  • It doesn't make sense for Phx though since Prince isn't expiring and isn't a big. He is probably a "Porter guy" though and would be a good mate w/ Hill at the 3.
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/08/09 9:41 PM MST ]
  • The Warriors appear to be in the mix. Or at least they want their fans to think they are.
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/09/09 8:48 AM MST ]
  • This report in Hoops World is interesting. It firms up the Marion and Beasley discussion as well as the Bulls and Nets interest
  • More importantly it for the first time indicates the team isn't just "blaming Amare" and they are looking at Porter as the problem
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/09/09 2:04 PM MST ]
  • More indications that Suns nixed a Miami deal for Beasley and Trix.
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/10/09 7:42 AM MST ]
  • Ball Don't Lie sums up Detroit, Chicago and Golden State rumors. Nothing we haven't heard before
  • This bit though is interesting from via BDL:
  • The fact that was published on is telling as well.
  • Telling us we should feel pity for billionaire owners who lost a few million and can't spend as much on their toys while you and me struggle in the real world and seek to indulge ourselves in a little entertainment called sport.
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/10/09 8:24 AM MST ]
  • Sam Smith on wants you (and me) to feel sorry for Kerr, Paxton and all those poor GM's who are feeling the hate from the internet tubes
  • The best part though was the quote from from Isiah Thomas:
  • "You are the owner's shield..Whatever happens bad with the franchise it's your job to take that...Technology has given the angrier sports fan a way to vent more so than the passionate fan. It's given a person an outlet to get that anger out." said Thomas, now doing scouting for the Knicks.

  • Screw you Isiah for blaming ANYONE for the way you spent your team's unlimited budget like a drunk sailor at Walmart. And why is this guy scouting players for the Knicks and not in permanent sexual harassment training class?
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/10/09 12:00 PM MST ]
  • Chad Ford has Amare at 80% likely to be traded and Shaq at 40%
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/10/09 3:14 PM MST ]
  • Hearing two eastern conf teams have the best offers so far. 1 being Detroit.
  • Local radio also saying GSW in the mix with Biedrens, Turiaf and Randolf + pick and Memphis also in the mix.


Other ideas proposed around here or else where that seem interesting:

  • Amare for Bosh
  • Amare for Camby plus 1st rd pick
  • Amare to Chicago for Gooden, Hinrich and others
  • Amare to Kings for Hawes, Udrih and filler
  • and Matt's just too crazy to ignore 3 way deal
  • [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/06/09 7:01 PM MST ]
  • Ben from Blazer's Edge threw out this 3 way w/ Hinrich going to Portland, Sergio, Tyrus T and Frye along w/ LaFrenz contract to Suns and Amare, Tucker and Lou to Bulls.
  • I replaced Tucker and Lou with Dragic and Barnes and I like it a lot better.
  •  Upside is Amare goes to Chicago where he's likely to resign and he and Rose can dunk a lot. Paxton, Kerr and Vinny are friends.
  • Portland get's to dump Blake and replace him w/ a better defensive PG who doesn't need to be brilliant w/ the ball (Roy and Bayless have that covered).
  • Suns get a decent backup PG and two young big men that can rotate at the PF and Center. Lot of different looks w/ Frye's outside shooting and Tyrus' athleticism. Lots and lots of cap space too with no long term deals which is what the Suns want.
  • This is my new favorite.

[Note by ZonaFlash, 02/09/09 9:24 AM EST ]

Amare to Chicago won't work numbers wise....

Both Amare and Rose were the number "1". 


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