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Suns Talk Trade - Nash, Amare and Kerr interviews

After today's shoot around, Sun players Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash, along with GM Steve Kerr talked to the media and answered questions about the team and the trade situation.


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Steve Kerr - Full transcript available @

  • Not going to promise anyone they are staying or going
  • Amare understands that as do all our players
  • Anyone can get traded - doesn't mean everyone is accessible but you don't know what's going to come up
  • We are under performing and not playing up to our capabilities
  • Lack of defensive improvement is the biggest disappointment
  • We haven't been consistent
  • Talked to Amare - he understands this is the nature of our business
  • I've gotten a lot of calls
  • I am not going to go into detail about what's gone wrong but we've not clicked yet and are still searching for that

Amare Stoudemire

  • Me being one of the leaders and an all star you can put it on me but I am not one of the Captains. You can't put too much blame on me. It's not my job to rally the troops
  • Kerr said anyone can be traded: me, Steve or Shaq
  • Right now I feel it's more me
  • I have cherished the moments here (in Phoenix), I would love to stay here but you never know what happens
  • It's more of a business move then anything else
  • I know where ever I go we are going to be playoff contenders

Steve Nash

  • I love playing here, I want to see it work out here
  • I apologize to the fans - it's killing me and it's really hurting the fans
  • I hear things second and third hand
  • I don't care what people are saying out there (about Nash possbily being traded)
  • I am only worried about us playing hard and playing together. I wouldn't care if we lost every game for the rest of the season if we played hard and with committment
  • If we did that we would win our share of games
  • Might as well back us into a corner and let us try and fight our way out of it

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