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King of the Trade Machine - The Contest

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Let's make a deal. Literally. Make a deal and win free stuff...

Prize = two tickets (or a donation in your name) to:

Phoenix US Twestival 2009

On February 12, 2009, Twestival will happen in 175+ cities around the world to bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water.

Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of the money raised goes directly to support charity: water projects. charity: water rings clean, safe sustainable drinking water solutions to people in developing nations.


Our goal as a city is to raise $4,000, enough to build a well.

100% of the proceeds from these sales will go to charity: water.


Show us your Mad Trade Machine Skilz and win!

Using the ESPN Trade Machine concoct the wackiest trade you can put together that meets the following parameters:

  • It works (as in the trade machine approves your deal)
  • The more players and teams the better
  • Bonus for it having some semblance of sense for all parties
  • Being "realistic" also counts for something
  • The Suns must be one of the trading parties
  • In the comments post your entry with a link to the trade machine results and a brief description of the trade showing which players are going where.
  • Deadline for entries is midnight AZ time on Wednesday Feb 11

You do not have to be present to win. If you can't attend the event. You can receive equivalent value in raffle tickets.

Extra bonus points if you donate to this great charity anyway just because you are decent human being or you are trying to bribe Karma. I really don't care what your motivation is as long as you cough up some dollars to save people lives

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