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Practice Report - The Day After

I was supposed to cover the Suns practice today but they moved the timing of the media availability this morning and I was unable to adjust my schedule in time.

Fortunately, our partners at Sports 620 KTAR were there and shared this report:

After the Suns watched the tape of last nights tough loss to the Mavericks they shot around on both the main and practice courts.

Both Alvin Gentry and the players that spoke with the media all talked about how disappointing the loss was but the season isn't over. Grant Hill said that when Coach was addressing the team during their meeting, Matt Barnes talked about the Warriors run they had to close things out two years ago. Barnes said they had a big win against the Pistons that energized the team. Hill said that maybe a win against the Cavaliers could be that spark..





Coach Gentry, Grant Hill and Steve Nash all talk about how difficult this situation is and discuss the impact Mo Williams has had on the Cavs.

I loved what Steve about the situation, "The only thing worse than not making the playoffs would be to not play at all and to not play hard."



Link to download mp3 file:

Practice report March 11

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