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Daily Poll: When is foul not a fowl?

Like that riddle? I have a 4th grader so don't get me started on these.

In last nights Suns vs Cavs tilt toward the middle of the 4th quarter Jason Richardson had a clear break away dunk and decided to go 360 350 on it and in the process allowed the King James version of this year's MVP to catch up and "block" the ball.

It was clearly a foul but it wasn't called that way.

In my recap of the game I took out my frustration regarding that pivotal play on the guy with the ball and not the guy with the whistle. In the ensuing thoughtful discussion, I think I sensed frustration that I didn't blame the guy that blew the call (instead of the guy that blew the dunk).

We generally like democracy around here (at least we pretend to when it suits our purposes but like China we also aren't afraid to use the awesome power of the state when needed) so the polls are now open.

The play in question is YouTubed on the next page.

Watch. Think. Vote. Or die.

Answer: When it has stripes and a whistle

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