Who Said Dallas Had an easy schedule?

i count 6 losable games BEFORE even playing us.... I put L's and  W's in the far right column next to what I think the result could EASILY be. This after today would put them 6-9 in their remaining 15 games. Below is our schedule and theirs with what I think could be losses and wins IF we were to make it.


OUR schedule(this is obviously dreaming but highly possible, the w/l i marked represent a 13-2 Run. Not sure on the tiebreaker but IF we beat dallas on april 5th I think we could either lose to UTAH twice OR split with them and lose in portland and still have a shot.

Wed 18  vs Philadelphia  7:00pm  FSN AZ HD    Win
 Sat 21  vs Washington  7:00pm  FSN AZ HD   Win
 Mon 23  vs Denver  7:00pm  FSN AZ HD   Win(we owe them)
 Wed 25  vs Utah  7:30pm  FSN AZ HD   Win(its in phx)
 Thu 26  @ Portland    7:30pm  My45 HD   Win(this ones big)
 Sat 28  @ Utah    6:00pm  My45 HD   LOSS
 Sun 29  @ Sacramento    6:00pm  My45 HD   WIN
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Wed 01  vs Houston  7:00pm  FSN AZ HD   WIN
 Fri 03  vs Sacramento  7:00pm  My45 HD   WIN
 Sun 05  @ Dallas    12:30pm     WIN
 Wed 08  @ New Orleans    5:00pm  My45 HD   LOSS
 Fri 10  @ Memphis    5:00pm  My45 HD   WIN
 Sat 11  @ Minnesota    5:00pm  My45 HD   WIN
 Mon 13  vs Memphis  7:00pm  FSN AZ HD   WIN
 Wed 15  vs Golden State  7:30pm  FSN AZ HD   WIN




Here is their schedule:

Tue 17  vs Detroit  7:30pm  FSNSWHD   L
 Thu 19  @ Atlanta    6:00pm  FSNSWHD    L
 Fri 20  @ Indiana    6:00pm  FSNSWHD    W
 Wed 25  vs Golden State  7:30pm  KTXA+HDNet   W
 Fri 27  vs Denver  7:30pm  KTXA+HDNet    L
 Sun 29  @ Cleveland    12:00pm      L
 Tue 31  @ Minnesota    7:00pm  FSNSWHD    W
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Wed 01  vs Miami  7:30pm  KTXA+HDNet    L
 Fri 03  @ Memphis    7:00pm  FSNSWHD    W
 Sun 05  vs Phoenix  2:30pm      L
 Wed 08  vs Utah  8:30pm  KTXAHD    L
 Fri 10  vs New Orleans  7:30pm  KTXA+HDNet   W
 Sun 12  @ New Orleans    12:00pm      L
 Mon 13  vs Minnesota  7:30pm  FSNSWHD    W
 Wed 15  vs Houston  7:00pm  KTXAHD   L