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When does hope return for the realists?

All the talk today in the big boy media room at USAC was about the standings and what hope the Suns realistically have. Picture a table of cold-hearted, calloused-fingered professionals dissecting the Suns chances with the precision of a team of neurosurgeons. Vacations are being booked for early summer. Baseball season is calling. May plans are being made and yet...

Take for example that if last week's game against the Mavs was a MUST WIN then the next game is a MUST HAVE, NOT KIDDING THIS TIME WIN. Assume then that the Suns go ahead and win that one which means the four 4 1/2 games back we are now really is only three 3 1/2 games with 15 14 to play.

Get it. You've assumed already (ahead of time) that despite losing last week's MUST WIN game to the Mavs at home that the Suns have already gone ahead and won the April 5th MUST HAVE, NOT KIDDING THIS TIME game in Dallas.

Three 3 1/2 games. 14 to go. Our schedule is easier then theirs. The Suns are 7-0 against non-playoff teams in the Gentry era. The Mavs lost J-Ho for at least another week. Three 3 1/2 games. That's all we are talking about is Three 3 1/2 lousy games!

Oh, but hold on Hope Monger. The Suns are also 1-8 against playoff teams in the Gentry era and have seven of those left including the April 5th MUST HAVE, NOT KIDDING THIS TIME game in Dallas.

And Dallas, who does have 9 games against playoff teams has 6 of them at home where they are 24-8 on the season. This includes the April 5th MUST HAVE, NOT KIDDING THIS TIME game the Suns Dallas.

This my hopey friends is why May cruises are being booked.

Oops, and the Mavs just beat the Pistons. Damn.

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