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Barbosa out at least one more week

It's been five days since Leandro Barbosa bruised his knee bone which is connecteCbbdfe73973ba07a22e80f6b86a2a1dc-getty-82992861rw016_warriors_suns_mediumd to his shin bone which is connected to his fast as hell feet bones after locking up (hyper-extending) his knee upon landing from a Barbosa-esque lay up attempt. 

The Blur was given a one to three week sentence of bench time and spent his first game in injury purgatory Saturday where he looked pissed as hell to not be playing and yet totally fly in his pimped out threads. Mrs. Stan even commented how he's lost a bit of the baby face "cute kid" look and frankly I have to agree that he was looking down right studly with an angry-man glare in his eyes.

LB wants to play. We want LB to play. Unfortunately, LB won't be playing for another week or so.



After the Suns shoot-around today, Sports 620 KTAR's Craig Grialou finally had a chance to catch up with Leandro.

Depending on how his knee responds to daily treatment (ice, bike, swimming) there is a slight chance he could return for the upcoming three-game road trip starting Thursday but it seems more likely that he won't return until the April 1st game against the Rockets. That would be right about the two-week mark and seems more prudent then rushing him back despite his importance to the team.

LB said he would like to get in a practice before he returns to test out the knee. He was hoping to come back early but recalled a previous knee injury when he came back too soon and re-injured himself.

"Maybe I'm going to have to take my time and work on that so when I come back, I come back one time."

We hope all hope The Blur comes back as fast as he can get down the court but no one wants to see him rush it and end up back on the shelf. Patience is a good plan of action. The Suns will still be here when he's ready.



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