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Daily Poll: Who's your favorite bench player?

The Suns bench is clearly the story right now. They are playing great and fans everywhere are energized about seeing our reserves. This is part of a much bigger narrative going back years with D'Antoni and into the Porter era as well.

The other day in a poll we asked this question:

Which of these four Suns bench players do you think is most important to the Suns future?

Dragic won with 35% of the vote followed in a close second by Lopez with 28% and Dudley with 26%. Tucker who's played the least of the group and is a more replaceable position finished with 9%.

Today we are going to ask the question a bit differently.

Who is your favorite Suns bench player?

Favorite can mean whatever you want it to. Perhaps you really like Dudley's nose for the ball or are impressed with Tucker shooting over 40% from three. Maybe it's Robin's love of comic books or Amundson's bike and pony tail.

You decide.

Barbosa having been here for so long and basically playing starters minutes is being left off this poll. We know everyone loves him already.

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