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Practice Report - From Gentry's garage

Suns held a light workout today after the big win over the Nuggets last night.

I was at practice but left the scrum to spend a bit of alone time with Alando Tucker for a piece I am working on, so I missed most of this. Fortunately, our friends at Sports 620 KTAR had my back and provided the raw audio from both Nash and Gentry.

I did hear the part where Gentry talked about finding a 1993 scouting report on the Jazz in a box in his garage and saw that it is still exactly the same as the current report. He described the Jazz as the best half court execution team in the game, just ahead of the Spurs.

Nash talks about the criteria for keeping the team together being out of his hands but that he would like to have a full season with a continuous philosophy. Asked about his two defensive stops on Billups in the final minutes, Nash chuckled, "That's what I do."

After this from Nash, I did ask him a few non-basketball related questions, but I am going post that separately later today when I have more time. Interesting stuff that you will only find here. Stay tuned.


Gentry audio


Nash audio


Random observations:

  • Barbosa was seen sitting in a chair under the rim shooting (and making) buckets. I am guessing he's not practicing for a game of HORSE
  • Dragic was the last one on the court
  • There were far more media (mostly TV) in attendance today than there were last week. The Suns are more newsy after a big win
  • It is much easier to park downtown near USAC during the day than on game nights
  • The Phoenix Suns Gorilla, during his regular trampoline dunk gig before the 4th quarter, was evidently showing off for all the other mascots who came to Phoenix to celebrate his birthday. In the process of trying to show who is "top banana" The Gorilla


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