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Preview: Suns vs Jazz

Howdy all. Big game tonight huh? You going? Are you at least watching? You heard it's a big game, right?

A big game deserving of a REALLY great preview. Sucks though that I am slammed today saving the world working for the man grinding one out stuck behind a desk exercising my telephone skills.

So, here's what a got as fast as I can bang it out.

  • The Jazz are a very good team at home: 30 - 6
  • The Jazz are poor on the road: 14 - 20
  • The Jazz are healthy now
  • The Jazz as Gentry described are the best half court execution team
  • The Jazz move off the ball well (see above)
  • The Suns need to play heads up defense which means keeping your eyes on your man and not the ball
  • I guess Shaq will cover Boozer and Barnes will be on Okur? Yikes
  • Ronnie Brewer is very good. Very very good
  • The Jazz willl be playing their 16th back to back set of the season, they're 2-13 in the second game

This will be a tough game for the Suns but a winnable one. One might say Must Winnable.

Lots of Suns on the radio today. Audio courtesy of Sports 620 KTAR

Alvin Gentry after shoot  around

Rick Welts on the Doug and Wolf Show

Steve Kerr on the Doug and Wolf Show

Alvin Gentry on the Doug and Wolf Show

Tim Kempton on the Doug and Wolf Show



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