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Pregame podcast #20 - Turn my swag on

Welcome back fans of the pregame podcast! I am sure you both missed it.Phxstanwon_medium_medium

In this episode we have the incomparable Ben from Blazers Edge. I first met Ben back in Vegas during Summer League. He was nice enough but was too involved in his man-crush on Jerrreyyyd Bayless to really say much.

Since then, we've become what I consider blogger-pals. We chat and email. The occasional phone call to share our woes. Sharing and caring is really the name of the game in this relationship.

Ben reveled quite a bit about himself in this podcast beyond his well-known affection for a certain Phoenix native, U of A "point" guard.

We learned for example that Ben wasn't pained too much when he lost this bet with me earlier in the season. It makes more sense now that we know about his secret longing to be a Suns fan that he would have taken such no-win position to begin with.

It's almost as if he wanted to lose and have a chance to be photographed wearing #31 in Suns colors.

It was a pretty good podcast overall despite Ben being a podcast virgin.

We talked about the Blazers plans for the off-season. How great we both think Brandon Roy is. What a bust Greg Oden is turning out to be.

Pretty much what you'd expect. Have a listen and enjoy.



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