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Daily Poll #2: 8 games left. Do Suns fans care?

Like it or not Suns fans there are eight (8) games left in this season.

Coach Gentry (@AlvinGentry) wants you to know that the team is still fighting:

we are still not out of the race for the eight spot. we need lots of help now but i am keeping my fingers cross and spirits up. go suns!!!!

we will continue to have hope and continue to fight until we are eliminated. no quit in this team!!

once again, thanks twitter nation for all the support. we appreciate everyone out there.

but of course also you should know know that...

tough two games for the guys. the utah loss really took its toll on the team mentally. we have to snap back after the tough loss at sac.

You see. A tough loss took it's toll mentally but they are still fighting.

How is your mental state as a fan of this team?

Are you still fighting or are you just ready for the season to be over already and let the rebuilding / retooling / reshuffling / repackaging begin?

Personally, I am still in it to win it. Which isn't to say I think the playoff are in our future unless you are a big fan of the those powerhouse Bulls, 76ers or Pistons.

Each game is special in it's own way and while the drama of this year's Suns was enough to give Baron Davis an ulcer, at least the season wasn't boring. 8 more games is 8 more opportunities to watch the sport I love played at an unbelievably high level and that includes the Kings and the teams they beat.

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