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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Heat

2008/2009 NBA Regular Season


31-28 34-26
American Airlines Arena
March 3rd, 2009, 5:30 PM MST / 7:30 PM EST
My 45, 620AM
Probable starters:
M. Chalmers PG S. Nash
D. Wade SG J. Richardson
J. Moon SF G. Hill
U. Haslem PF M Barnes
J. O'Neal C Shaquille O'Neal
Official Suns Game Notes

Busy day so just some quick thoughts on this game:

  • Stromile Swift will be in uniform (#4) but I doubt he will play today
  • I put Grant Hill back in at the SF in the line up card as wishful thinking
  • Perhaps LB will come off the bench but still get 30 min split between spelling Nash and JRich. Nash played 40 min last night and so I would expect him to rest more tonight
  • Stopping D-Wade from scoring 40...or 60??
  • After Nash bashing last night's game I am really hoping to see better integration into the 7SOS
  • Speaking of Shaq, The Big Insulter played 35 minutes last night so might be a bit less then Super (man) but fortunately the Heat behind JO are very thin and small up front so we should be ok with Shaq playing 30min
  • In fact, given that the biggest threat on the floor (and perhaps on any floor in the NBA) is Wade, you could argue that the Suns best defensive line up will be something like LB, JRich, Hill, Barnes and Lou. Of course the Suns not typically make line up decisions based on "best defensive unit".
  • For another (better) preview see also Yahoo! Sports

Bonus Audio - Steve Kerr on Sports 620 KTAR radio this morning...

Not on this audio file is Doug's very insightful observation that Gentry in playing Lopez and Dragic more is positioning himself as someone that will work with management but also can connect with the players. Doug thinks this bodes well for Alvin's chances of returning next year. I agree.

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