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How does Amare's eye injury impact his career and the Suns?

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The Arizona Republic reports that Amare will not return for any playoff run this season and more importantly this sobering quote from the surgeon:

"It's very difficult to explain to anyone how serious this is. It's more serious than any knee or ankle surgery. The healing is excruciatingly slow and delicate."

Stoudemire suffered multiple tears, new and old, and had a "very large" and "traumatic" retina detachment with blood in his right eye at the time of surgery.

Stoudemire wants to attend Suns games, but Dugel has not allowed it because it is dangerous for his eye to be susceptible to any jarring.

More serious than any knee or ankle surgery? Can't even attend a game as a spectator? Wow.

We are talking about a guy who's career could be over if things don't go well. No wonder the Suns have been so cautious when talking about this. It sounds as if it will be several weeks or even months before we know more about the long term prognosis.

As callous as this sounds, I can't also help but wonder what this means for the Suns off season plans. Any thoughts of trading Amare will certainly be complicated by this injury.

Best wishes to Amare in his recovery.


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