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77 percent podcast

With the regular (and possibly only) season 77% complete, we checked in with the Bright Side of the Sun crew Zona Flash, Dustin (aka watdogg10) and Panama Sun.

In this episode we looked back at the last 10 games in which Amare was lost for the season, Nash was lost for 3 games and the Suns lost 6 out of 10.

We discussed how well the Suns played without Nash in at least two games and the emergence of Leandro Barbosa as a competent point guard.

We also discussed the last four losses and explored if Steve Nash is shooting too much. He is averaging 20 attempts in the last four games which is double his career average.

And finally we look ahead at the final 19 games and give our predictions for how it will all turn out.

Have a listen and thanks to the crew for the chat.



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