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Gentry looking good to return as Suns coach

After Suns practice today (which I was not able to attend due to my schedule) Suns GM Steve Kerr told the assembled gaggle of blood sucking pirates that he was pleased with the performance of interim head coach Alvin Gentry. "I would expect him to be here next year," said Kerr.

Talking about his own positional stability, Kerr said that he enjoyed his job and what not but gave himself the same "we have to evaluate everything" chances of returning as if he were talking about Amare. Frankly, he could have been more clear cut in his response.

You can read those tea leaves however you choose, but I would not be shocked if this summer Steve Kerr chooses to spend more time with his (TNT) family.

Other Notes

Gentry called Leandro Barbosa a game time decision if he feels good after his pre-game warm up. Barbosa himself sounded frustrated in his knee and not overly confident about playing tonight.

Gentry also talked about the big Rockets line up saying that he won't alter his plans. Yes, they'll give up size on one end of the floor but Coach said "they've got to guard us too". Rockets go 7-6 Yao Ming, 6-9 Luis Scola, 6-8 Shane Battier, 6-7 Ron Artest.

Thanks to our partners at Sports 620 KTAR for the audio and report

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