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Kerr doesn't see a massive overhaul for Suns

In his own post season press conference Steve Kerr indicated that the Suns don't need a massive overhaul but didn't rule out making changes.

Kerr repeated his previous statement that the Suns are not a championship team as currently constituted. He sees defensive improvement coming from current players that can be better but also acknowledged some personnel deficiencies.

"That was our downfall. We lost a ton of close games and you win close games in this league by making stops so we are going to have to make improvement in that area for sure."

Following up and repeating his statements about wanting Nash to stay with the Suns, Kerr wasn't as clear when it came to Shaq and Amare. 

Speaking about Shaq Kerr said this,

"The thing with Shaq is he just had his best season in five or six year. Yeah, he makes a big number ($21m) but there's been plenty of moves with big numbers and plenty of guys like him that have had a resurgence at the end of their careers and have stayed on with their same team and we are not opposed to that at all either...Shaq's been great. I've loved having him on the team. Our fans love him and he's played extremely well so this notion that somehow he's on his way out of town is false."

While with Amare he would only offer this about Amare's desire for a max extension to his contract which will expire in 2011 but has a player opt out in 2010.

"I think every player would like a max extension. I would like a max extension but I don't think I am going to get one after the year I've had. But, contract stuff is not something we're going to get into now."

Except Kerr had no problem making it perfectly clear that he intends to extend Nash's contract but when it came to Amare, it was not something he wanted to get into.

Coming back to the team's defensive deficiencies in relation to his one big trade from earlier in the season Kerr said this,

"I think both Jason and Jared have been really good. We like Jason because of his scoring ability at the two. I think he can play better defensively and he agrees. Jared was huge part of that trade as well."


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