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1st Round Playoff Thread

For all those hard corp types still interested in discussing the Suns-less playoffs, here's today's match ups:

Game 1

This match-up got a lot more interesting with the loss of KG. Can Tyrus and Noah use their length and athleticism to take advantage of Perkins, Powe and Davis? Can Gordon and Salmons negate House and Pierce? Can Rose outshine Rondo?

Not likely. Still, the more I think about this match up the more intriguing it is.

If nothing else, it features SBN heavy weights Blog a Bull and Celticsblog in an epic duel of wit and cynicism

Game 2

The torch will pass. The Pistons have this summer to look forward to when they will only have $38m under contract making them a major potential buyer in the free agent/trade market. Will they resign Rasheed? Will they kick Iverson out of town before this series is even over?

I have no idea what the Pistons will do this summer but they are going to be starting soon, because this series isn't going to last long.

Check out SBN newcomers Fear The Sword and Motown String Music

Game 3

Moving West, we have two of our oldest and bestest friends locking horns in a Texas two-step cliche filled hate fest.

Even without the balding Manu, I don't see the Spurs letting a one trick pony like the Mavs beat them in a 7 game series. Don't bet against the Zombies. Ever.

Blogging the Spurs: Pounding The Rock

Blogging the Mavs: Mavs Moneyball

Game 4

I am going to be in and out all day and won't really watch any of the other games. This one I've set my Tivo for.

Two teams that Suns fans know well and each bring a bevy of interesting young and experienced players. Ron Artest on Brandon Roy. LaMarcus and Scola. Brooks and Lowrey vs Blake, Sergio, Bayless (and whoever else Nate can find to play point).

Both of these teams play ball the way I like to see it. They are balanced and play (or at least try to play) good defense. Hard working, exciting, young, Chinese. You can't go wrong with this poo-poo platter of playoff delite.

I picked the Blazers in six because I don't see the Rockets having enough fire power but with a young team like Portland and the match ups being what they are it could easily go 6 the other way. A true 4 - 5 toss up.

It doesn't hurt either that both teams are represented by two of my favorite blogs

Blazer's Edge Army

The Dream Shake

After I get my Suns Autopsy Report done later today, I am going to try and put the Suns season of pain aside and enjoy these next few weeks of playoff basketball.

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