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1st Round Playoff Thread Day 2

Day 1 - Recap where 3 road teams won

Bulls over C's: Derrick Rose. Wow. I mean wow. And against Rajon Rondo and the Celtics in Boston. Wow. I don't see how one kid can be so manly and leadershipy on the court and so quiet and humble off. The key to this game though was Tyrus and Noah out playing Perkins, Powe and Davis. Without KG, the Celtics and short and slow up front and it really showed against the atheltic, mobile and long front line of the Bulls. Miller dribbling the ball should be an immediate fine and suspension.

Cavs over the Pistons: If any Suns fan suggest getting Rasheed Wallace or Tyshaun Prince in free agency you will be immediately banned from this site forever.

Mavs over Spurs: This one was hard to watch since I really don't like either team. I ended up rooting for individual players like JJ Barea and Roger Mason Jr. The Spurs just don't have enough fire power right now to score with the Mavs when they are hot from outside. Fortunately for the Spurs, the Mavs are dependent on outside shooting which will eventually fail them. This one could easily go 7.

Rockets over Blazers: Yao was unstoppable early going like 7-7 in the 1st quarter and the Rockets just bullied the young Blazers all over the court. Scola was a beast in this game on both ends of the floor. I wonder if the Spurs regret letting him go?

Here's what's on tap for today...

Game 1

I would normally root for the Jazz in this game even though they have no chance but I am so sick of the Jazz and their inability to do anything consistent. Please, can we stop talking about Jerry Sloan as coach of the year? When a team under performs as much as the Jazz we should be talking about replacing him.

Game 2

I don't care about this game in the slightest. This is probably the one playoff match up in this round that I won't pay even the slightest attention to.

Game 3

OTOH, I am looking forward to this one. Wade and Johnson. Hordord and Smith vs Beasley and...??... It should be fun and a potential train wreck as well.

Game 4

Speaking of train wrecks...The Nuggets despite playing better team ball under Billups and showing that you can take the same sucky defensive players and play good defense if those players decide it's important enough always have the potential for a melt down. The CP3 led Hornets meanwhile and thin and hurt but still dangerous. Could be a good game. Could be crap. You just never know with Denver.

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