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Daily Poll: Blazers or Rockets?

We've seen two games now and the series is tied 1-1. In the first game the Rockets showed their experience while the Blazers just seemed happy to be there. Getting knocked in the teeth and run out of their own gym might have been a better outcome for this team then if they simply lost a fairly close game.

In last night's contest Ron Artest shot the Rockets out of the game and Blazers, especially Aldridge, rebounded well. They did a better job on Yao and Brooks and generally just seemed more prepared for a playoff game.

The series now returns to Houston for two where it's hard to see the Blazers winning both. Perhaps one if they are lucky and Artest builds another brick house.

How do you see this series ending?

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 04/22/09 2:16 PM MST ]

Steve Kerr was on the Doug and Wolf show this morning for his weekly check in. He didn't really have much to say that we haven't heard before. I am dropping into this poll even though it's totally unrelated. If you have a problem with that, send your complaints to

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