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Highly meta site news

Now that the Suns season has wound down and we've taken care of our wrap up activities (with one notably exception), I want to lay out our summer plans. Your feedback and ideas are most appreciated.

  1. Retire the Steve Kerr Moron Meter. I've been thinking about this for weeks and some time soon will do a wrap up of all the Kerr moves and assign the final Genius and Moron Points for the season and likely will retire the Moron Meter for good. It was a nice idea that's run it's course
  2. Continued playoff discussion. As you can tell, this will be somewhat limited but you never know what we might talk about. We have lots of playoffs left
  3. Draft coverage. This will start in earnest after the May 19th draft lottery when we can really get into more specifics
  4. Suns trade options, rumors, speculation and general player and roster mayhem
  5. Free agent period. There is a very long list of free agents on the market and I am working on a pretty cool contest idea with Wyn from Canis Hoopus to make this a lot more fun and interesting
  6. Summer league coverage. This is a really great opportunity to meet our new rookies and check in our young Suns players. I'll be there
  7. Coverage of the Phx Mercury. As I've mentioned before, I am interested in spending some of my off-season learning more about the WNBA so expect some coverage although not nearly as much as given to the Suns. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on this new endeavor
  8. Misc. You just never know what else might pop up over the long long summer

That should take us through until training camp starts in late September. I have some vacation planned late June and in general am going to have less to say about the Suns when the Suns aren't you know..playing.

Don't worry though, we aren't going anywhere and will try and fill the off-season void with as much Suns related discussion as we can manage (and stand).

Finally, a big thank you to all of this site's co-authors and especially to all of you commenters and readers for making this season so much more enjoyable then the actually basketball results warranted.

Bright Side of the Sun saw tremendous growth this season and through that all managed to maintain the wonderful community that's been in place for years now.

Thank you!



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