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Steve Kerr hears your criticsm, and agrees

Steve Kerr waves goodbye to defense
Steve Kerr waves goodbye to defense

Steve Kerr made an appearance on ESPN radio's Colin Cowherd Show this morning.

The vast majority of the interview was general NBA stuff and while it was fascinating to hear Kerr's take on Phil Jackson (actually it wasn't) the good stuff comes right at the end.

Cowherd asks Steve about the criticism Kerr's received from Phoenix fans and he responded by saying that he probably got too much credit as a player and too much criticism as GM.

Kerr went on to say though that the Suns gambles didn't pay off and the team made too many moves to improve defensively and "took too big of step...and compromised our offense and our rhythm and our identity."

He goes on to say that he deserves the criticism and he accepts it and he needs to get better at his job and the Suns as a team need to get better.

I wish Colin had asked Steve if by "big move" he meant Porter or The Big Move.

This response from Kerr signals a couple of things. In the battle for the Suns identity it seems Run and Gun and Fun is the winner. That tells you that Gentry will likely be back (we assumed that) and fits with the stated desire to resign Nash.

If those two things happen and especially if they also coincide with resigning Amare and letting Shaq go then you can expect the next 3 or 4 years to be more of the same. High scoring. Fast paced. Poor defense and rebounding.

That's fine and fun, just don't start complaining when the Suns get bounced from the playoffs because remember...Defense. Wins. Championships.

The Suns do not appear to be focused on that path and frankly, I have to believe that Kerr knows it. Someone please ask him if he thinks a mediocre defensive team can win a ring. I don't think he in his heart believes that.



Audio provided by ESPN affliliate, Sports 620 KTAR

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