Anyone going to watch the playoffs?

I know I won't. Our Suns team played like they would rather have the vacation then face the Lakers in the first round. Since they quit, I'll quit too. I'll boycott the playoffs. It's rigged anyway, Lebron is going to get a sphere of invincibility cast on him by Stern and his goons, and the 2 top MVP candidates will duke it out in the Final. Not because they are the two best teams in the league, but because it's cool and it's good marketing. The reigning MVP vs his Heir Apparent. Lebron, taking over as the best player in the league. Kobe finally doing it without Shaq. Lakers exorcising the ghosts of their thrashing by the Celtics last Finals. Think of all the storylines, can you really foresee anything else? And the sports journalists will be churning out tons of sappy bullcrap harping on these supposed storylines. Bah. Lebron never gets called for fouls. Certainly makes it hard to lose.

HOPE? How about this?

I hope Matt Barnes gets knocked down by a car.

I hope J-Rich goes to jail for knocking down Barnes.

I hope Nash gets traded away.

I hope Shaq's expiring contract finds a taker and we get draft picks/young talent.

I hope the Spurs get swept by whoever they play.

I hope Goran becomes a starting quality point guard.

I hope Lou polishes himself into a skilful offensive player to complement his energy and hustle.

I hope Lopez validates the faith scouts placed in him and stops being a horrible player. At least play at a Joakim Noah-ish level. Nothing great or superstar-ish, but at least passable

I hope Tucker builds on whatever progress he's made and morphs himself into a Josh Howard calibre player.

I hope the Suns win the lottery. And get Blake Griffin. Bye Amare, hello even more picks and young talent!