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Daily Poll: Phoenix Mercury - Do you care?

Today is the WNBA draft and the Phoenix Mercury (the only pro basketball team in Phoenix with a title) has the fifth overall pick.

Most of us haven't paid any attention to women's basketball.

For me it's the lower level of play given the height and physical differences. The game below the rim just isn't as exciting as seeing the best athletes in the universe fly, pass, shoot and dunk. On the few occasions I've gone to a WNBA game I've just not been able to get excited about it.

I've been thinking though that perhaps there's more to this then I've given credit. Just like the D-league isn't played at the same talent level as the NBA, I've come to have a tremendous appreciation for how hard they play the game. There is far more to sports entertainment then talent or we wouldn't care at all about March Madness, high school sports, or watching our kids play tee ball.

There's something about a college graduate choosing to play professional basketball for $30k per year that is intriguing to me. Did you know for example that all of the WNBA players salaries combined equal half of what Stephan Marbury got paid this year to "play"?

So, this summer I am going to pay more attention to the Mercury and see if there's something there that I've been missing in my off-season sports entertainment options or if in reality, it's just not worth watching.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 04/09/09 4:49 PM MST ]

The Mercury selected guard DeWanna Bonner with the 5th pick. They described her as being their top choice all along and seemed thrilled; but of course GM's always say that don't they...

Bonner is long and thin (6'4" and 130lbs) which puts her about the same size as Corey Brewer and taller then most NBA guards.

I really have no context to evaluate this pick. I've never seen her play but perhaps this summer we will see what she's all about and she and I can learn about the Mercury together. One thing's for sure - even if the basketball isn't high-flying the a/c is super cool.

Here's Mercury GM and basketball HOF'er Ann Meyers-Drysdale talking about the pick:

If you need even more Mercury info head over to where they've got all you want to know and then some.

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