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Greatest series ever? Yes and No

I don't know about all that but it is damn good if last second clutch shots and lots of over time is your thing. Not to be a downer on all the fun...and it is fun....these games wouldn't be this close if either of these teams could close out a period and hold a lead.

This series has seen some amazing plays by individual players but overall, neither of the teams are all that impressive.

Yes, KG is out. Yes, the Bulls to even be playing as well as they are has to be a positive sign for a team full of young players, a new coach and having made some pretty big mid-season trades. Funny how all those excuses aren't being used by their players for why they can't win...I digress

Overall though, this series is more like two cases of who wants it least for 47 minutes followed by the occasional huge shot.

Ray Allen has been fantastic. Unless he's been in hibernation.

Rose was amazing. For one game. Then he's disappeared. Then he makes a huge block to win the game. Then he misses two free throws. Then he gives an interview.

Rondo is all triple-double thug life.

Brad Miller and Paul Pierce alternate bricking free throws and big shots to making them. And yes, you will never see Brad Miller and Paul Pierce compared to one-another again which is yet another sign of how great and horrible this series is.

Regardless, enjoy it. I am and can't wait for game 7 to see who will step up / melt down next.

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