Phoenix Suns Draft?

Since the first order of business was to sign Alvin Gentry and now that is official lets get behind him and the team.

the second order of business is free agency and draft. Whilst I think Grant Hill will be our only free agency signing this year (hopefully there will be a surprise like Lou) the next thing to look at is the Draft.

Looking online it looks like our 14th pick is a lock on for Jonny Flynn via the links below.

To be honest I don’t like this pick, it looks like the suns are going to draft a point guard with this being a point guard draft I would rather have Ty Lawson PG (probably goes earlier but if he slips he would be a good offensive PG and some steals. Most likely plays defence like Steve Nash.

I have no knowledge of the college game but looking at the millions of NBA Draft Mocks and databases If I was picking I would take the 2 players below at 14. I could list all their attributes, the pros and cons all are on the links below but who do you think we should draft guys and girls?

Gerald Henderson

Terrence Williams