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Suns coach Alvin Gentry talks lottery and draft

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Suns coach Alvin Gentry called in to the Doug and Wolf show on Sports 620 KTAR this morning fresh from his appearance at the NBA Draft Lottery where he used all his powers of "luck" to help his former team, the Clippers.

Gentry was confident that Blake would go first but feels like Rubio isn't a lock at #2 and things are wide open. Gentry said the Suns are a long way from narrowing down their list for the 14th pick.

Alvin also responded to Nash's expressed desire to wait and see what the Suns roster looks like before making a decision to stay in Phoenix. Gentry called Nash the "engine that makes the car go" and said that Nash loves it here in Phoenix and that the Suns will be playing the style where he's been successful.